100HappyDays: Days 1- 10

Here’s my recap from happy days 1-10!



Day 1: Getting my finger fixed without ending up in the ER! Lesson learned- knife + tuna can = lots of blood.




Day 2: This goofball ^.^




Day 3: Sitting in the sun on lunch with espresso and flowers in view.





Day 4: My mom being awesome and instagramming her healthy food ❤




Day 5: Waking up to this screeching weirdo right in my face. I start almost every day this way and it makes me laugh (mostly) every time.




Day 6: Breaking out of my comfort zone and going on a group hike with strangers! It was a beautiful day with great people and new friends made.




Day 7: Making my own happiness even after a day seemingly lacking in it. Epsom salt bath and chardonnay. Yep, happy.




Day 8: Finally loving and accepting my imperfect face, without any makeup.




Day 9: My favorite scene from any movie ever. It still gives me goose bumps every time ❤




Day 10: Getting caught in a downpour after work. No matter how bad of a day I’m having, it always makes me giggle hysterically as I flail through the rain like an idiot.

What I learned:  

Happiness doesn’t just happen, not always. As someone who is “happiness challenged”, I sometimes didn’t find my happy moment until very late in the day and would start to get panic-y that I wouldn’t have anything to post. How sad is that, when there is always happiness to be made? On day 7 it was around 10 pm and I still didn’t have a photo. I was having a bad day just because, and I realized my “bad day feelings” were just perpetuating themselves and preventing me from having any happy moments. I kept thinking “I’m having a bad day I’m having a bad day”, and I made my own reality that way. When I purposefully stopped those repetitive thoughts, happiness made its way through =)


Open myself up to the universe and let myself be happy. (Does that make me sound a little crunchy? Yeeeaaah… I also buy local kale and don’t use real soap. Bite me.).

Try not to get stuck in “bad day” thoughts.

Don’t stress about being happy =P

Anyone else jump on the happiness wagon? How is your challenge going??? (leave-a-comment clicky under the title)