Hey there! I’m Kelli, a food-loving, knowledge-hoarding 23 year old from the good-ol’ South. I spend most of my life picking up cat shit and sticking my finger up dogs’ butts- what can I say, being a Veterinary Technician is super glamorous. But in my spare time, I do what I really love- lift heavy things, food-prep my brains out, compete in Mud Runs (see disgusting photo above), and learn everything I can about REAL nutrition. I’m also studying to get my Personal Training Certification, though it’s taking longer than I would like. I live in a small but sunny apartment with my two cats and my husband, aka The Bearded Wonder, without whom I would definitely be a Crazy Cat Lady (I think I still may be…).

My goal in writing this blog is to help JUST ONE PERSON navigate the crazy waters of life, whether they struggle with eating healthy, staying active, or simply loving themselves. Sometimes just knowing someone else has been through the same shit you’re going through makes living life that much easier. WE ARE NOT ALONE, PEOPLE!


My Story……

I spent a very large portion of my life being a vegetarian. I have also spent a large portion of my life depressed, anxious, scared, confused, and hating myself, not to mention experiencing migraines, excruciating stomach cramps, lock jaw, serious intestinal “issues”, low energy, eczema and painful joints. Could all of these things be related???? Calm down all you Cave People, I can see your heads frantically nodding from here.

I stopped eating meat at the tender age of 11. It grossed me out, plain and simple. The following 11 years were a soy-fueled, hazy fog of depression, spent writing angst-ridden poems in my dark room above the garage and crying for no reason at all. Around the age of 20 I finally got tired of living in a constant Self-Pity Party, and began my journey to better health.

It started with the calorie counting. I was able to lose 25 lbs that I didn’t even know I had gained through vigilant measuring and documenting of every garbanzo bean and slice of tofurky. I was skinnier, but I didn’t feel better- if anything I felt worse, more depressed and in more pain. Minor stomach cramps turned into excruciating waves of pain that lasted for hours, my migraines came more frequently, and I couldn’t get to sleep at night. I started working out religiously which helped me sleep and alleviated some of my depression, but things still felt wrong. I knew my body was supposed to work better, feel better. I started searching for answers on the internet… cue the angels singing… I FOUND PALEO!

This lifestyle, of living naturally, eating what our ancestors ate, made so much sense to me that I immediately deleted my calorie counter and started eating meat again. I LOVED being a vegetarian, but I gave it up just like that. I knew this “diet” was what my body needed to thrive, and I was so desperate to be healthy for once in my life that I gave up my defining characteristic. I was not longer “The Vegetarian”, and the less I ate like one, the better I felt. Slowly, all of my problems began to fade- the stomach pains, the depression, the migraines (!), they went away.

I’m not perfect by any means today, but the better I treat my body, the better it treats me. I no longer hate myself, and that feels SO DAMN GOOD. However, I sure as hell have room to improve, and I hope to share those improvements with you on this blog.

Still reading? Check you out, you beautiful person you! Thanks for sticking around. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog, and if you have any questions, need help/advice, or just want to share, feel free to email me! Seriously. I may not know all the answers but I love sharing what I do know!

Happy Healthing!



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