I am not an expert on “Paleo”. Or “Primal”. Not even kind of.

But what I am an expert on, is what version of “Paleo” works for me. See those quotation marks? As strict as a Paleo Diet may seem, there is a lot of wiggle room, and everyone is different as to their food tolerances and how they thrive. Do I love helping people figure out what version works for them? Hell yeah! Am I a dietician? Unfortunately, no. But I am an unstoppable, word-vomiting, foaming-at-the-mouth purveyor of The Paleolithic Diet, so let me lay down the basics for those of you who are new to this cult.

The idea here is to eat (and live) as we so brilliantly evolved to eat- naturally. If you can hunt it or forage it, you can eat it. My favorite thing to tell people is if it has ingredients, chances are it’s not Paleo-approved. Also not approved? Grains, legumes (including soy), dairy (however some people eat grass fed butter/cream/cheese), added sugars, vegetable oils, processed foods… maybe I should tell you what IS approved instead? Delicious foods like grass fed, naturally raised meats (when you can afford grass fed); fresh, local veggies; fruits and nuts in moderation; and plenty of healthy fats like coconut, avocado, olives, and animal fats. And don’t start to freak out, you can still have your coffee (maybe with a little coconut milk, YUM). Sound good to you?

Another sometimes overlooked but super important part of the Paleo Lifestyle is totally unrelated to food- we should also try to emulate our ancestor’s way of living as well! Slow down a little. Get outside and soak up that sun. Actually sleep. Get away from glowing screens. Move. Get sweaty. Love your body inside and out. THAT is Paleo to me.

Love and respect yourself enough to live optimally!

Want more information? I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for knowledge here! These are a few of my favorite brain-stimulating resources:

Mark’s Daily Apple

Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution

Diane Sanfillipo’s Practical Paleo

Paleo Hacks (this is a forum, so check the info you get here!)

This is life changing stuff people. Don’t believe me? Read the About Me section of just about any Paleo Blogger’s website (including this one). Read those books above. And have fun discovering a new (but not so new) way to thrive!


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